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v i d e o    d e m o   o f   t h e   s e a 

10% of sales goes to special aid for war refugees (vluchtelingenwerk) 

In this 40-minute video demo I share with you my painting process as well as the thought process behind the painting, from start to finish.  The painting I discuss is 'The Sea', watercolor painted on prepared panel. 

If you're looking to learn more about:

how to apply multiple layers on a slick surface (like store bought or homemade surfaces), 

how to build up your values, and colors, 

ways to prepare your photo reference, 
and how to keep a painting balanced in color and composition,

this video addresses it all.

Take me to the video demo!
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Watch a 5-minute preview of the demo


For $ 60,-  you get a lifetime, full access to the video.
I talk about my personal painting style and technique, I share with you the colors, brushes and brands of watercolor paints I use, and some parts of the video are showed in real time.

Take me to the video demo!

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Paying options

Right now, it is only possible to get access to the content by paying with PayPal.

If you would like to purchase the demo but you don't have access to PayPal, please contact me ,
we can set up a direct payment for you.

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