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Paid Content


  • Video Demo 'The Sea'

    A 40 minute video where I share with you my painting process
    Valid for 10 years
    • In this video I address the following topics:
    • - How I apply multiple layers on a slick surface
    • - How I build up values and add color
    • - How I keep a painting balanced in composition
    • - Tools for setting up the painting and photo reference
    • - What materials I use
    • And much more!
  • Clay Ground Tutorial

    Get access to my video tutorial on preparing a clay ground
    Valid for 10 years
    • 2 videos with a step-by-step guidance to prepare your ground
    • 1 introduction video
    • 1 video testing out different surfaces
    • get feedback, help and trouble shooting

Note: after choosing a subscription below, you will pay once and you'll get lifetime access to the content.  Subscriptions will be automatically prolonged after 10 years without any costs. If you have any questions, please send me a message through my contact page.

If you have already paid for a plan, please go to the tutorial page and log in to your account.

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